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Obetz Locksmith

Obetz Locksmith can take care all of your locksmith needs. We are located in Obetz, Ohio, which is 9 miles from Columbus. Though Obetz is a small town, it's experiencing growth. Because of its aggressive strategy, Obetz has been successful in recruiting and retaining companies. Obetz Locksmith is proud to be one of these companies. We don't just provide locksmith service, but we also carry high-tech products such as, proximity reader locks, card reader locks, and retinol scan equipment. Obetz Locksmith focuses on the following:

·  Emergency Locksmith

·  Commercial Locksmith

·  Residential Locksmith

·  Auto Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith Services

We employ trained and experienced technicians. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and offer 24 hours and 7 days a week emergency locksmith service. All work can be performed on your site.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Obetz Locksmith can solve your business needs, whether we are talking about locks, door hardware, or security installation. We can tailor the system to your application. We also carry these other products:

Industrial Closers

We can customize and install door closer hardware. Our closers come in different sizes and colors, which can be matched to your current hardware. We can even supply "handicap" style closers. These will open with little effort.

Access Control

We can customize access control to your own needs, including using electric strikes to unlock standard locksets or keypads. If all you need is to control a few doors, we can install a small computer system. It will save you money.

Electric Strikes

Obetz Locksmith can install electric strikes. This will allow you to unlock any door remotely. We can convert your system to DC, eliminating the loud "buzz" sound. Instead, you will hear a quiet "click." If you're having problems with hard-wired release buttons, we can create wireless remote systems as a solution.

Door Alarms

Our door alarms are incorporated into the panic hardware and also separate devices that will sound whenever the door is opened. Options include a beep to alert you when the door is opened.

Master Keying

Obetz Locksmith can produce a custom master key system for your business. Using this system, you can control who enters where, and also reduce the number of keys you need to carry.

Keyless Entry

Obetz Locksmith can give you push button access by using Unican© locks from Kaba-Ilco. Your staff can change combinations and various options, including lockout mode, key override, and passage mode.

Residential Locksmith Services

We offer the following services, including emergency lockout and lock work?key replacing and key making. We can upgrade any type of lock.

Car Locksmith Services

Our locksmiths operate highly equipped vehicles in order to provide services such as, reinventing and manufacturing keys.

Contact Us

Obetz Locksmith wants to be the only place you'll come to when it comes to your locksmith needs. Please stop by and visit us. We are committed to keeping Obetz's local economy strong, but safe.

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