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Columbus Locksmith Customer Reviews

"We recently moved to our new home in Bexley and naturally wanted to change all of the locks on our doors to ensure security. Thanks to Columbus Locksmith our move could not have been smoother, they came when we arranged, were efficient and clean and also took the time to explain how the lock barrels work and what to do if the keys get stuck. I can't recommend their locksmith highly enough for their patience and workmanship."

Gloria Sedgley, Bexley

"Having just moved our businesses from Grove City to Galloway we were anxious to set up a new security and Access Control system. We used the locksmith services offered by local locksmith provider and were 100% satisfied with the price, service and customer relations that were used to the point that we now use them for all of our lock and security issues."

Bob and Sarah Arnold of Arnolds Gifts and Treasures

"With such an open door policy and a welcoming community, we did not think that our move to Reynoldsburg could be made any easier. Thanks to Reynoldsburg Locksmith, we were able to install an alarm system neatly and quickly before we even moved in. The service was quick and very competitively priced with friendly and patient agents explaining what they were doing. Thank you guys!"

Barbara Hemway, Reynoldsburg

"By chance I came across the Columbus Locksmith phone number in the local phone book but I really believe it was luck that brought me to this kind, well priced and reliable service that I use for all of my lock and security needs."

Joe Saltzer

"Running a business is such a headache, but thanks to the commercial locksmith services provided, I am able to leave all of the security issues to them. I employ them on a contract basis and am totally satisfied with all of the work that they do for me."

Sam Ogden, Maintenance

"Columbus Locksmith has to be the most efficient locksmith service I have ever used, not to mention the fantastic price and special offers they gave me. If you are looking for some lock or security work, I highly recommend them."

Rachel Hunter, housewife

"Oof, is all I can say when I get locked out of the house, I am a bit forgetful and it happens too much, but thanks to my trusty Emergency Locksmith service, I am never locked out for too long. It is also amazing how they never tire of me calling!"

Shelley Sugar

"I love my car but had so many problems with a sticky ignition until I thought of calling an auto locksmith. He helped me out and made me love my car even more- thank you."

Cindy Carey

"I am elderly and live in a large apartment building with many other residents. We do not have a door keeper but try to keep the main door locked. A few days ago someone tried to break into the building, but thanks to the residential locksmith, I feel safe again."

Edith Avengue

"I could sing a song about Columbus Locksmith, I love them so much. The number of times they have helped me out of awkward situations is endless. Once again I have to say thanks!"

Carey Carmichael

"As someone who advises on new business, I can't recommend highly enough the services of a commercial locksmith. They are efficient, competitively priced and easy to work with."

George Gray

"In a city that unfortunately has crime; we need more businesses like Columbus Locksmith who are quick, efficient and well priced. Keep up the good work!"

A contented resident

"My children are forever losing their keys and we have an open account now with the local emergency locksmith. I couldn't be happier with the service and prices they offer us."

Nicola Sonnet

"Having just bought my first car I was distraught to find that the keys were locked inside one day. Thanks to the local auto locksmith, I was able to get into my car with no problems or damage caused."

Janet Moses

"We were burgled recently and it was quite traumatic. Thanks to Columbus Locksmith we now have a new alarm and security system and are confident in our homes once more. Not only were they helpful and understanding but the locksmiths were quick and efficient."

Joyce and Harold

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